Straight To The Moon!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on July 25, 2014


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My moon, that is! No funny photoshops required today – just me, my butt, and my toys =)


And while you’re at it, you can get one of my fancy pussy or ass fleshlight toys at!

If you’re really curious about how to get yourself feeling like you’re having an out-of-this-world experience, or fucking your iPad, you can do so by blasting off with fleshlight’s LAUNCHPAD!


The future is here, and Skynet is one step closer to taking over with robot vagina! hahaha ;)



Joanna Angel


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TBT – Coed Groupie!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on July 24, 2014


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I love Jessie Lee and Brian Street Team, and also their scene together from Jessie Lee Goes To College, where she’s a bit of a… well let’s just say transforms from a disgruntled and somewhat promiscuous coed, into a highly motivated somewhat promiscuous coed, and a huge band groupie! Basically, she’s Brian’s dream come true. The quick set-up for the scene with his band mates being mad that no hot girls ever approach them that way, even though they switched instruments cracks me up! As if it matters – Brian is charming! haha =)

Have some photos:



Come on, as a dude in a band, or a dude in general – how many times have you wished this would happen to you?




Boning on top of an amp is sexy as fuck!


And you know what, Brian is definitely some coed groupies’ dream cum true as well. Lock up your daughters! (Don’t really lock up your daughters, that’s not cool!)

Watch the full scene right here on BurningAngel.comCoed Groupie!

Happy Throwback Thursday!

Joanna Angel

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Nerds Are Sexy!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on July 23, 2014


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So, in honor of the world-famous tremendous nerd-fest that is happening in San Diego this week, here’s the trailer for BurningAngel’s Young, Nerdy and Dirty!

This movie is dedicated to all you beautiful people out there who aren’t afraid to let your geek flags fly! I mean, whomever really decided that nerds aren’t totally the alpha-class amongst all of us are just silly – have you seen the amazingly diverse gathering of humanity at Comic-Con?! Some of the raddest-as-fuck people in the world find themselves at SDCC (hello, Norman Reedus!).

Young, Nerdy and Dirty stars Phoenix Askani as a regional chess champion, Hermionie Danger as the A+ Bookworm, Sidney Scarlet as the Librarian’s assistant, and Vada, our magical little LARPer! Using the power of your brain and imagination is very darn sexy.

1_pho 2_herm 3_sid 4_vada

See? You should watch ASAP!! Also, the music you’re hearing in the trailer is a song called Fingerbangin’, by the all-time best nerdiest, dirtiest band around known as Sweatheart! I just loved it when I heard it and thought the song was a perfect match made in porno heaven, haha!

Oh by the way – we’re also in the process of making a fucking kick-ass cosplay movie. I can’t wait to share it with you in the future!

Joanna Angel

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Motley Crue and Alice Cooper!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on July 22, 2014


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Last night I went to the Motley Crue/Alice Cooper concert at the Hollywood Bowl! As most of you know this is Motley Crue’s final tour ever. I am a little too young to have been able to see them in their prime (my neurotic Jewish mom was certainly not the time to take me to hair metal shows at the age of 9). I was able to see them on two of their reunion tours in the past, both were festivals where lots of other bands played … going to a concert where it was just them and another band was a much better experience. I am glad I did it!


When I turned 9 (in 1989) – my father got some kind of promotion at work, and as a Hanukkah gift to the family he got us cable TV. I didn’t really have many friends at that age. I was starting to become a person and I was figuring out who I was and what kind of stuff I was into… and whether it turned out to be for better or for worse, watching MTV was a big part of me finding my identity. MTV was different back then. It actually played music.

I was infatuated with Motley Crue. The first exposure I ever had to them was their Home Sweet Home music video which was basically a montage of a bunch of live shows of theirs. There was a part of that video where a girl on someone’s shoulders at a concert lifted her top and leaving a blur on her big silicone breasts and she was screaming “I love you!!!” … and all I could think was… man… I WANT TO BE THERE! THIS IS SO COOL!



(I definitely borrowed those last two photos from Nikki Sixx’s instagram – he had better pictures!! haha)

I became glued to the little TV in my room, watching MTV, just waiting for the next Motley Crue video to come on. It was the highlight of my evening. I would attempt to put on my mom’s lipstick and try to tease my hair and pretend I was there.

A few years later I found punk rock… and then forgot about Motley Crue. But then at about the age of 21 – when everything from the 80′s became cool again, I started listening to them again and developed a whole new appreciation for the band. Then after reading their biography “The Dirt”… I felt an emotional attachment to them.



So yeah. I know I did not grow up in Hollywood and I was too young to be anything close to a Girls Girls Girls type girl… but I love Motley Crue! I was glad to be at the show.

And PS, Alice Cooper was fucking awesome.



That guy is my hero!


Joanna Angel

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Did You Take My Buttcoins?!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on July 18, 2014


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Hello and happy Friday, everybody! So last night, I had a fun experience guest-hosting a live web show/gameshow called Take My Bitcoins with Mike Rotman, and you win Bitcoin, obviously! I learned all about the world of Bitcoin (a virtual currency), very fascinating. The future is now!


I also really love the fact that this entire show is shot in Mike’s garage, and I have much love and respect for this DIY operation!



Anywho, there are a bunch of games that people can call in and play to win, like This or That (people had to decide if a name was a character from Monty Python or Shakespeare), Game of Match (I fill in the blank of a sentence and the person tries to guess what I said… this one about intelligent fruit taking over was not so successful – Planet of the Pineapples? Clearly, I meant Planet of the Grapes), and other fun games. People were asked to tweet a sexy Bo Peep and her sheep so that I could consider getting a tattoo of it someday. It was really fun, and the crew and everyone were really great. I had a good time! You can watch the full episode of TakeMyBitcoins here -

I hope to guest-host again with more of my wonderful fans calling in – I just want to give you money to spend on me!! =P


Thanks for having me, Take My Bitcoins!

Joanna Angel

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