Exxxotica AC Recap!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on April 15, 2014


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I enjoyed my time this weekend at Exxxotica in Atlantic City. I made some new friends (like Sydney Leathers!!), saw some old friends, and I got to spend time with some of my fans!

Thank you everyone for coming. Here’s a little recap of the weekend with pics!


Here I am with two of BurningAngel’s finest tattooed sluts, Kleio Valentien and Draven Star! I love them so. I adored Kleio’s punk school girl outfit.


Here’s Mr. Small Hands eating my boobs. Speaking of boobs – Sheridan Love has some awesome titties! Proof -



I am Joanna Angel, Queen of this booth! Bow to me. Take photos!

I was lucky to run into the gorgeous Tori Black!



Myself, the one and only Stormy Daniels, and legendary porn actress Nina Hartley! In case you didn’t know, Small Hands claims to have learned everything about pleasuring women from Nina.


No big deal, just myself and sweetheart Sydney Leathers!

Here’s Draven and I with super awesome all-babe Mötley Crüe tribute band GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS!


Some fans stopped by my booth – Lola and Max Murder. We both enjoyed Lola’s butt and her totally cool BurningAngel booty shorts.


Speaking of totally cool BurningAngel panties – the bassist from Girls Girls Girls wore them during their set at Exxxotica!


Pink carpet!



Ain’t we sweet? Till next time, Exxxotica!


Joanna Angel

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Passover And Stuff!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on April 14, 2014


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Well this weekend was spent at a porn convention, and today I’ll be with my family eating matzoh and talking about the time Jews put blood on their doors and it rained frogs.

It’s just what I do.

Someday before I die I want to make my own matzoh. Anyone out there work for a uh… Matzoh company?


Let me know.

Joanna Angel

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Atlantic City, I Am In You!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on April 11, 2014


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What’s up, people! We flew to the east coast last night for Exxxotica in Atlantic City and it was basically a porno flight! Well not in the way you’re thinking, but Small Hands and I were on the same flight as porn legend Nina Hartley, Porsha Carrera, and the one and only Sydney Leathers! We met Sydney in the airport and she’s very sweet, and if I had a dick, I would surely send her a photo of it!

The whole situation probably could’ve made a really good porno movie. What would we call it? =)

ANYWHO, it’s the last day to vote for me for The Fannys!


So you should go do that at TheFannys.com and make sure you vote ME as Best Director!!

Also please buy my nyanlight — err, my Fleshlight here: tinyurl.com/JAFleshlight! You know I have award-winning lady parts, or something like that, right? hahaha!

As for Exxxotica, you should definitely come meet myself, the ever so lovely Kleio Valentien and the sweetly seductive doll Draven Star at the BurningAngel booth all weekend! Booth #619! Click here to see signing times!


Small Hands will also be a special guest at our booth, and if you’re really lucky, you might even see Mitch attempt a smile. It’s exactly like one of those comets, it only appears once every 72 years.

Plus tonight at 8:30, I am doing my seminar again – Upfront With Rear Entry – Joanna Angel’s Guide to Butt Sex!! So if you wanna know all about getting it in the butt, or putting it in someone else’s butt, you should come to the panel!

See you soon!


Joanna Angel



PS – I still want you to bring me delicious pizza!


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TBT – Dress Like A Porn Star!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on April 10, 2014


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Hey people! Not a lot of time today as I am in the whirlwind of getting everything straight before Exxxotica, and I may or may not be blogging from 30,000 feet, but I have some fun candids for you to peruse for a moment!

I did a photoshoot recently (it’s KIND OF a throwback Thursday…) for VoxMedia and they told me to “dress like a porn star.” So what did I do? Well, I put my goth school girl plaid skirt on, of course!



Here’s a little upskirt action -


This is what porn stars wear. I think. Whatever, dressing half my age is fun! And I really like this lace bodysuit.




People forget how tiny I am sometimes. Sink for scale!




See you in Atlantic City woooooo!



Joanna Angel


PS – Don’t forget to vote for me for BEST DIRECTOR at TheFannys.com! Please and thank you!


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More From My Trip To NYC!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on April 8, 2014


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Aside from speaking at Barnard, I got my fill of pizza, partying, and rock and roll in NYC. It wouldn’t be an appropriate trip to NY without that!

First off, I was lucky enough to be in town the same time that one of my all time favorite bands played – Rocket from the Crypt. They haven’t toured in so long. Last time I saw them play, I wasn’t old enough to drink! I actually clearly remember going to Maxwell’s in Hoboken, walking up to the bar and attempting to confidently order a whiskey sour – and the bartender laughed in my face. I frowned, and she told me that if I wanted to pretend to be of the drinking age I should never order a whiskey sour.

Come to think of it, that was probably the last time I ever ordered a whiskey sour at a bar ever. She taught me a good lesson. It’s a stupid drink.


In any case, they fucking rocked. They played with just as much energy as they used to and they really haven’t aged a day. I danced with the same enthusiasm I had in college, with a legal gin and tonic in hand. It was awesome.


And then I spent a night with the un-official BurningAngel in-house DJ, DJ Jess, at a party we were hosting at The Balcony Lounge in Webster Hall. He started DJing in New York right around the same time BurningAngel was born – and we’ll always have that connection. I picked the songs for his playlist that evening, and he cued up those songs and told me what buttons to push. I suppose that made me a “DJ” for the night!


If you care to know some of the songs I played, here are a few!

Die My Darling – the Misfits
Cowboys From Hell – Pantera
Up All Night – Slaughter
Lipstick – Rocket from the Crypt
Puritania – Dimmu Borgir
Are you Dead Yet – Children of Bodom
Rebel Girl – Bikini Kill
Ritual – Ghost
Standing in the Way of Control – Gossip
Dancing on my Own – Robyn
Hopeless Romantic – Bouncing Souls
Ruby Soho – Rancid
Fish Food – Joanna Angel and the Gigolos
Gimme some Pants – Joanna Angel and the Gigolos

I spun my own songs. So what?!

Oh yeah. And last but not least, I ate some fucking pizza. There is nothing better than pizza in New York, and there is nothing better than pizza at 4am. I am getting a serious pizza craving just thinking about it. FUCK!

Someone please bring me a slice of pizza when you come see me at Exxxotica this weekend!


Joanna Angel

PS – pizza pizza pizza pizza pizza yummy please bring me pizza, I’m serious.

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