Doppelganger – Trailer and Free Photo Gallery!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on September 4, 2010


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My New Movie… Doppelganger!

Well as I have told you before- I made a movie about my blow up doll coming to life and trying to ruin it. Doppelganger stars me, Joanna Angel, Asphyxia, Arabelle, Jiz Lee, Phoenix Askani, and Sparky. I have made a lot of ridiculous movies , and this one by far has been the most ridiculous of them all. Yes, there is still sex in it of course, and the sex is super hot but the stuff with the doll in it is by far I think the most comedic thing I have ever produced.

Doppelganger Porn Movie

Here is a picture from my scene. My face is bloody from the “fight scene” with the blowup doll that happened prior to this. She fucked me up bad!

Doppelganger Movie Stills

And here is Asphyxia with a cock in her mouth. YES!! ASPHIXIA WITH A COCK IN HER MOUTH! It was not the first cock in her mouth ever but it was the first cock in her mouth on camera.

Doppelganger Movie Stills

And here is Arabelle– banging Keni Styles. This scene is up on BurningAngel right now, if you have a membership and you want a sneak peek at the movie.

Doppelganger Porn Movie Stills

And here is a picture from the hot scene I did with my favorite “queer” porn star- Jiz Lee. She fucked me with a strap on, and it was rad.

Doppelganger Porn Movie Stills

And here is Phoenix Askani.

Doppelganger Porn Movie

And here is Sparky– who played a factory worker who spent more time masturbating at work than anything else. Her laziness is actually what turned the blow up doll evil. You’ll have to see the movie to understand why!

Doppelganger Porn Movie Stills

Aaaaaaaand here is the trailer. I hope it gives you a boner (or a wet pussy, if you have one of those) and makes you LOL.

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Click here for the Doppelganger Movie Still Photo Gallery

If I have totally enticed you well- buy the Doppelganger movie here – or buy the blow up doll and the movie and have yourself an exciting evening.

And if you want to make your own funny videos with my blow up doll- enter the Blow Joanna Up contest HERE.

And if you don’t want to do any of that, then just look at the FREE TRAILER and my Free Doppelgnager Photo Gallery and uh… have a nice life.

It was a very fun movie to make, I hope you all enjoy it.


Joanna Angel

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