Joanna Angel’s School of Hard Knox

posted by Punk Porn Princess on December 13, 2010


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Hello everyone

Tis I – Joanna Angel! I’m back.

I have a few photos for you to see from our last big shoot. Its a school movie! Basically it’s about an evil teacher who assigns an impossible science project to the class- turning lead into gold. Alchemy! If I fail the project I won’t get to graduate. It’s quite stressful!

School movies are really fun and silly. I haven’t shot one in a while- not since Joanna Angel’s Guide to Humping that I made when I was with Hustler.

which was years ago.

Anyways here are a few photos from the set.

Phoenix was not in the movie but- she came to set to hang out! And she put on some nerd glasses to celebrate uh… school and stuff. It’s always nice to see Phoenix. She has the most awesome attitude. She hung out on set all day, and showed her boobs, I think she jerked off Keni Styles somewhere … but I’m not sure I was a little busy… and she totally made everyone coffee like 10 times.  She was like… a horny intern for the day! It was awesome.

Joanna Angel School of Hard Knocks

I know, I know. People really don’t dress like this in school but I have to play up the fantasy. It’s a porno- OK! In porno- everyone wears plaid skirts to school. I really like wearing slutty school girl outfits – particularly because I am turning 30 next month. It is pretty awesome to be 30 and still look cute in a school girl outfit! I am very thankful for that.

Joanna Angel School of Hard Knocks

And here is Shay. She was my bad ass friend in the class.

Joanna Angel School of Hard Knocks

Here is a good cleavage shot.

Joanna Angel School of Hard Knocks

AND HERE IS THE SCHOOL MASCOT! I love this mascot costume. When I found it at the props store- I almost peed in my pants. I was so happy. It’s an Alligator with a tuxedo on!! Ahh! It’s Keni Styles under there. Yes- he TOTALLY had sex in this costume. Pictures of that will come later don’t worry.

…. And here I am lifting up my skirt.

Here is the mean teacher! Tommy Pistol. He was also a Vietnam war vet. It’s complicated to explain.

Here is a BRAND NEW BurningAngel girls butt. It’s such a nice butt right! Her name is Juliette Black. After this shoot- I totally banged her OFF CAMERA . I don’t do that very often. I guess me and her just hit it off. She is adorable and awesome and you will see her and BurningAngel very soon.

OK fine, I guess I can show you her face too.

Well that’s it for today. Hope you enjoyed the pictures.


Joanna Angel

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