2011 Adult Entertainment Expo – AEE in the Vegas!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on January 8, 2011


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I’m here in Vegas … at the big monster porno convention known as AEE.

The adult entertainment expo. It’s in Vegas on January every year . Blah blah blah.

Well anyways there is this big picture of me right outside the convention. It’s on this big uh … convention looking stand thing. Not quite sure how to describe what it was in a better way than that. I really wanted a photo of myself next to the big photo of myself … so I asked Brian Street Team to take one with my phone.

This convention structure thingy was all lit up , and therefore impossible to photograph. We tried a few times.

Joanna Angel at 2011 Vegas AEE

I was annoyed!

Brian Street Team looked around to make sure the coast was clear…

and once it was….

He ran behind the structure and unplugged it.

It was the entire decor for the entrance of the convention!

He then quickly snapped the pic. Success! It’s not the most flattering pic, but we didn’t have the time to get anything else.

Joanna Angel at 2011 Vegas AEE

Yeah . Were sooo punk!

Joanna Angel & Brian Street Team at 2011 Vegas AEE


Joanna Angel

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