Hypnotism doesn’t work when you’re tired!!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on March 12, 2011


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Well yesterday I went on the Jason Ellis show again. I love being a regular on his show. This time it was a special show where a celebrity hypnotist came on the air and hypnotized everyone- or he tried to. He is known as “The Incredible Boris“, he does a lot of comedic hypnotist shows in Vegas and stuff.

The Ellis show airs at 6 am on Fridays, meaning I had to leave my house around 5am. This is pretty damn early. The night before I stayed out pretty late and didn’t wind up going to bed till about 3am. So, when Boris told me to close my eyes, instead of being hypnotized I literally just fell asleep. Perhaps I should try this adventure again after a night where I got more sleep!

A few people in the studio did in fact get hypnotized. One being the infamous “Rawdog” (the dude I lost my fight with at Ellismania) and Boris had him hypnotized so when he woke up he would be pretending to be me. I was so nervous! What if this odd reincarnated version of me was a total bitch! I would be so embarrassed. I sat in the studio listening to Rawdog giggle and answer questions about anal sex and I really just wanted to grab the microphone from him. I am so much better at being me that he was!

One particular question made my heart stop and I got so nervous in the 2 second pause before he responded. You see, Jason Ellis and I have a great radio repertoire and while we joke about there being some odd brother/sister sexual tension between us on the air, it’s completely all in jest. Jason is married with two kids, and I respect that. I don’t go on his show because I want to fuck him, nor does he want to fuck me. We have an awesome professional relationship, and friendship and I would never ever want to ruin that. So in any case, Jason asked the hypnotized Rawdog if he (or she??) wanted to give him a blowjob. What if he said yes! I got so nervous. I would have felt like a fool. Even though it wasn’t really me saying it, for all intensive purposes, for the time being that was me. My heart froze. And then he answered “Jason don’t be silly, you’re married!!” and then he giggled, a pretty damn cute giggle for a man.

I was extremely relieved. I’m so glad to know that if I died and my spirit was reincarnated inside of Rawdog’s body, I would still be a classy broad who does not give blowjob’s to married men on the radio.

Anyways here is me and the hypnotist.

Incredible Boris Hypnotist

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