Goodies Mag photo shoot

posted by Punk Porn Princess on April 21, 2011


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Yesterday – I did this odd photo shoot for Goodies Mag. They call themselves “goodies mag”; not sure if “mag” is just short for magazine or if they like to identify themselves as a “mag” and not a magazine for whatever reason. The “mag” has cool photography and, articles about graffiti and food and… you know… all the stuff the kids are into these days. The shoot took place at this Rockabilly-looking barber shop on the Lower East Side called “Frank’s Chop Shop.” There was a whole bunch of tattoo flash on the walls, along with a bunch of limited edition hats with F’s on them. I don’t know why I think you would care about all these random details, but I am telling them to you anyways!

The “story” behind this editorial was me being at a barber shop alone, looking in the mirror, getting turned on, then spraying myself with water and cutting my tee shirt open with a razor. It was a very accurate depiction of what I do on a day-to-day basis!

It was a fun shoot, and I like getting dressed up in greaser clothes…but I kind of miss my wife beater. It was one of my favorites!!

The strangest part of the shoot was that when I walked in and older Russian gentleman offered me homemade apple pie. I politely refused! He seemed really offended. During the shoot he offered it again, like while I was in the middle of spraying my wife beater with water so my nipples would show…and I politely refused again. The rest of the crew (the PA and makeup artist, a writer, etc.) all took him up on his offer and the Russian guy cut up a bunch of pieces of pie and gave a piece to all of them. So while I pretended to get aroused by my sight in the mirror, I watched the entire crew eat apple pie behind me. I asked the director who the gentleman was and he told me it was his dad. I did not ask any more questions after this. I am a porn director, so naturally, my father can’t come to shoots with me and bring people baked goods. Perhaps in the world of “mags” this is more common?

He offered me pie another time before I left and asked me if I wanted any to take home. I said sure. I ate some this morning and it was delicious.

And that’s all I have to say for today!


Joanna Angel

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