SHAG in Brooklyn!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on April 22, 2011


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Last night, I did an event at SHAG in Brooklyn. It’s a small novelty store with high-end sex toys and sexy lingerie owned by a woman. I really like the vibe of the whole store! Everything is pink and fluffy and all the stuff in the store is really nice. If you are in Brooklyn and want to splurge on some panties, or get a really expensive vibrator… well that’s the right place to go.

I screened all the “plot” from my favorite BurningAngel movie, Doppelganger. It was kinda funny to show all the plot and then fast-forward through the sex in front of a room full of people. It’s like the opposite of how people usually watch porn movies.

I gotta say it was a great feeling, to see my movie played in front of a bunch of people, and watch them laugh, clap and get into it like it was a “real” movie. It was great! And people also seemed to like the sex scenes, from what they saw of them. I don’t get to see people’s reactions to my movies that often, so this was just a really amazing experience.

Apparently there was a Sailor Jerry party at the store a few weeks back, and there was a whole bunch of rum left over… so we were able to give out free rum to everyone who showed up. Fortunately Kleio was there, and she is an actual bartender in Texas… so she served drinks at the on-the-fly bar set up there and everyone seemed to like it.

It was a fun event! I do love my New York fans!

… And now I must pack my things and get on a plane and go back to LA.

Have a good weekend!



Joanna Angel

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