Back to LA and Back to school

posted by Punk Porn Princess on April 25, 2011


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I returned to Los Angeles on Friday evening. I went straight to some small Mexican restaurant around the corner from me that had a mariachi band playing while I was eating. I know that doesn’t have much to do with anything, but I really just wanted to brag about how cool it is that I live around the corner from a Mexican restaurant that plays live mariachi music. I liked the music, but my main problem with mariachi bands is that all the songs really sound the same. I hope that wasn’t a racist statement. The songs do sound the same!

I have been keeping Passover in case you were wondering. I haven’t eaten any leavened bread at all. My mother is proud, and my abs are enjoying the lack of bread as well.

Anyway, back to LA…I had to get right back into the swing of things out here – and yesterday we shot two scenes for my new website,

We shot a new girl I met several times go-go dancing at a DJ Jess party in NYCTRASH – named Annika. It was her first scene, and she banged THREE DUDES. Way to go Annika! I set up for the scene to be about her sneaking into the boys locker room and hiding in a corner, trying to  jerk off to the dudes’ cocks…unfortunately, though, the guys are covered by towels and shit…so has to come out of hiding and get their cocks out for them. I swear, it made sense. If you are wondering where I got this inspiration from, well, I got it from the Sex And the City movie – yeah. I’m embarrassed but, remember the storyline where Samantha keeps spying on and masturbating to her neighbor? That’s kinda what I was going for.

And then, we shot another scene with a girl from LA named Miya Monroe. Her scene revolved around being in danger of failing gym glass. This inspiration was easy – you see… because, IT HAPPENED TO ME! Haha!

Here is me with Miya’s lovely butt:

Oh yeah, and BTW – my shirt yesterday showed mad cleavage. I didn’t get banged by anyone at all yesterday, but here is a photo of what it looked like when I leaned over yesterday in my cool cleavage-showing shirt:

Ummm…And that’s all I have for today!


Joanna Angel

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  1. Sovereign said...

    Cincopa video hosting solution for your website. Another great product from Cincopa Send Files.

    Yay for Annika. I’ve worked with her before, she’s an amazing violinist. She played live violin during a sex scene between me and JM Darling for a short we did.

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