Newbie, Fashion Spread and Jason Ellis Appearance!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on April 27, 2011


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Hi all. I hope you are all relieved to know that Obama is from Hawaii! It’s official . Yeah . We can all sleep better tonight.

Yesterday, we took some naked pictures of a new BurningAngel girl named Mary Jane. She is 18-years-old with an awesome butt! She will be naked on BurningAngel soon, so pay attention! Here are some pics of her I took with my phone that don’t really do her justice . She is way hotter than this.

Also –  exciting news! I was in a fashion magazine holding a Louis Vuitton bag and dry-humping the sexy Wolf Hudson. Here’s what it looks like!

I think it’s available in London… it’s called i-D Magazine – the Spring 2011 UK Issue.

Skin and Asphyxia were also in it…They look amazing !

It’s an honor to be in it. Pretty weird for a Jew who’s barely 5-feet tall to be in a fashion mag!

And here’s a pic of me and Jessie Lee. We’re about to go to Jason Ellis radio show. Were running kinda late. But at least we look cute…right ?

Enjoy your Wednesday. Also known as hump day. Hope there is some humping in your day as a result!


Joanna Angel

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