posted by Punk Porn Princess on May 10, 2011


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Yesterday I think I did the best scene I have ever done on camera. I had the pleasure of working with Manuel Ferrara, and I really felt like it was not just a sex scene…it was like, an experience. I worked with him only once before…a long time ago back in the day when I still worked for other companies. I figured there should be something with me and him on for you all to see! Not to sound too business-ish or Jewish, but if you want to know why I don’t use him more often…well, quite frankly, his penis is way too expensive for me to indulge in on a regular basis.

We did an all anal scene, that started off with me in a cage. I played the role of his sex slave, and begged for him to let me out of the cage and fuck me. He teased me for a long time, I grabbed at his dick and he didn’t let me have it, and I pleaded and begged…then finally, he opened the cage and we just exploded with amazing sexual energy in my butt-hole. I had my makeup done all fucked up, kinda like a porn star/mental patient type thing.

I really look forward for this scene to be released so you can all jerk off to it. I definitely went home and masturbated just thinking about it.

Here is a dark creepy picture of me before I got fucked. This was kinda the vibe I was going for…

…and here is quite possibly the worst photo of me ever taken… it was taken right after I got fucked. Yeah. I GOT FUCKED. For reals.

And here is me and Manuel after I kind of washed myself off.  I didn’t quite get all my eye makeup off, so it sort of looks like he gave me a black eye. Don’t worry, that didn’t happen. IT’S JUST EYE MAKEUP!

Aren’t we so cute?

God damn you French people. You sure are good at sex.


Joanna Angel

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