The “Joanna Angel Voice Messaging App”!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on May 12, 2011


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Yesterday I had to do something pretty interesting and kind of tiring. I was chosen to be part of an APP that will allow you to make customized messages so you can send them to your Facebook, Twitter, Voicemail, etc. For example, after this goes live, you will be able to make messages that go something like, “Hey [Enter name here]! It’s Joanna Angel! Stop jerking off to my porn and call your girlfriend back! See you later…Love you!” or “Hey Jojo! Happy Birthday! Love Joanna Angel” etc.  Here’s me recording – yay me!

The people who are doing this APP really want there to be options to do anything and say anything you could imagine…so I literally had to say 15,000 different phrases so you can mix-and-match. It was intense. And not to mention, I also had to say about 4,000 names. I had no idea it would be this involved. So hopefully when it comes out, you can have some fun with it. I was allowed to make up some of my own, and that was pretty cool. Here’s one of them: “Hey, [Enter Name Here],  it’s Joanna Angel! Your girlfriend has been meaning to call you back, but she’s been too busy getting gang-banged all day by my friends. I hope you understand. She’ll call you when she’s done.” And here’s a little clip of me…saying all of this!!!

Well I have to get going because I have a very busy week ahead of me. I’m flying to Mass right now to do a few store signings with Bella Vendetta and then I’m going to NYC to yell at everyone in my office and then I’m going to Miami Exxxotica – weeeeee! So I must go and pack a big suitcase full of extremely slutty clothes. Have a good night!


Joanna Angel

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