My new favorite chick: Rebel Wilson!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on May 24, 2011


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Today I will take a break from posting pictures of my ass, or tits, or pussy…and talk about someone else who has never gotten naked on camera.

Yesterday, on my plane ride home from Miami, I watched some episodes of Conan. I also watched a few episodes of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey”…however, I have nothing to say about that. I don’t even know why I told you I was watching it. Don’t judge me. Ok?

I just wanna say that I was particularly inspired by the actress Rebel Wilson. She made an appearance on Conan and I must say, she was hilarious. I have not made it to see Bridesmaids yet but now I really want to. She has a really interesting back story – she was in law school, almost became a lawyer, then almost died of some terrible disease and while suffering from some kind of hallucination, she imagined winning an Oscar, and decided to give up law and become an actress instead. Considering her, um, large physique and not having any acting experience, I’m sure at the time everyone insulted her decision. However, it totally worked out in her favor!

She told some really funny anecdotes on Conan, stuff about Olivia Newton-John giving her weird vitamins, and Nicolas Cage having fake hair. She also admitted to knowing how to use nunchukus, and showed off her skills. I’m sure you have already seen this episode I am speaking of and none of this is exciting news to you. I just wanted to say that I thought she was really funny, and really smart…and she made my extremely hung over flight home from Miami really enjoyable. Rebel Wilson: if you are reading this, I would love to take you out for a drink one day!

Here is an article with a clip from the episode:

And…on another note…don’t forget to look for my VAGINA in every blog – hidden in one of the images…can you find it?!?


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