My TLA Raw Award!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on June 2, 2011


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Yesterday in the mail, I received my TLA Raw Award for “Best Starlet Blog”. I have won a few awards this year. Three AVN Awards which were announced in January, one XBIZ Award which was announced in February, and then my TLA Raw Award which was just announced in April. I have not gotten my XBiz award, or my AVN Awards in the mail ye t-  so I would actually like to give TLA Raw an award for being so on top of their shit and mailing out their awards in such a timely fashion.

I won the award for Best Starlet Blog last year as well, which makes me very happy. Now my awards can be friends!

Here I am with both of them.

And well, yesterday as you know, there was a video on BurningAngel of Jessie Lee doing DOUBLE VAG! So in the spirit of putting two things simultaneously in vaginas, I decided to put both of my awards in my vagina at once. Or as much as I could. They were kinda pointy.

Thanks TLA! Here’s to another year of blogging.


Joanna Angel

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