Dr. Kevorkian – RIP

posted by Punk Porn Princess on June 3, 2011


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So, this morning the doctor known as “Dr.Death”Dr. Kevorkian – died.  Dr. Death died – It’s kinda like a tongue-twister.

I know that euthanasia is a big political debate, and I don’t think we should get into that on a light-hearted pornographic blog. However, let’s all agree that Dr. Kevorkian stood up for what he believed in, even though it was against the grain. He was so adamant about his practice, that he went to prison for it. I respect that!

So RIP Dr. Death.

For your strength and courage in life – I would like to leave you my ass.

If you would like to know more about his death, and re-watch that fascinating clip on “60 minutes” where he performed euthanasia on TV, you can find it HERE.

Have a good weekend.


Joanna Angel

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