My Exxxotica photo preview!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on July 13, 2011


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Tomorrow is a very exciting day.  Do you want to know why?  It is because I am going to update with a bunch of photos from Chicago Exxxotica 2011 on! I guess that isn’t THAT exciting but it is the most exciting thing I could think of at the moment.

Here’s a few of my favorite pics from the weekend, as a preview to tomorrow’s awesomness…

Here’s the brand new BurningAngel girl Sidney Scarlet!  She just had her first photo set up on BurningAngel this week, AND she has a webcam show in the BA Chat Room tomorrow night…it’s been a busy week for Sidney!  It was great being with her at Exxxotica (if you read my previous blog, you know she helped set up the booth – that is always a plus in my book!).  Here she is wearing a very stylish outfit…

And here’s Sofi! She’s got a whole new haircut and a tattoo on her face.  And also had some stylish clothes on this weekend…

And here’s Veruca James…she came in third place at the Miss Exxxotica contest! Woohoo! If I was in charge of the contest, she would’ve come in first. But I was not.  And the winner was a stripper chick who wore a very sparkly American flag fringe outfit and did a lot of booty claps.  That’s cool but not my cup of tea. Anyway, we’re still proud.

And here is a bunch of nice butts – including mine.  If you don’t think my butt is nice, read someone else’s blog, jerkface! I should mention that this was taken at The Admiral where I feature danced Friday and Saturday nights – it was sooo much fun!

And finally, here’s a group shot from our booth with everyone in it!  Well, almost everyone – it was really hard to wrangle all these girls into one picture.  Seriously; it wasn’t easy.  We got almost everyone in on this one, except Rizzo.  So I waved my magic wand and made this a group shot.  Don’t worry, Rizzo, I got your back, yo!

If you liked these pics, you should tune into tomorrow for about 100 more of them!


Joanna Angel

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  1. Rizzo Ford said...

    Cincopa video hosting solution for your website. Another great product from Cincopa Send Files.

    I love that you photoshopped my black-and-white photo in there. You’re kind of amazing. <3

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