Shiny Toy Guns!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on August 19, 2011


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Last night I went to the Florentine Gardens in Hollywood with Jessie Lee to see Shiny Toy Guns perform. When I go out to brunch, many times I order Eggs Florentine. It usually means poached eggs with Hollandaise sauce over spinach. I’m not sure what this venue had to do with spinach but, whatever. It’s cool.

I was really excited to see them play, and unfortunately – they went on stage and only played two songs? It was weird. It was a big cock tease. They did play their hit “Le Disco” – which is one of my favorite songs – and they played one other one, and like… that was it. Why did they even get out of bed? Why did they even show up at all?! Pretty weird. They totally owe me a proper show.

I did an interview them awhile back – I should probably get in touch with their management and see what the hell that was all about. Perhaps more than two songs was just not in the budget.

Well here’s a dark picture of the stage – I should really be a band photographer! Right?

And here is me and Jessie Lee and one of her friends – whose name I always forget. She is super hot with nice boobs though. We are also standing in size order – we didn’t do that on purpose!!! Kinda funny, right?

Yeah. Well even though I only heard two songs, all-in-all, it was a fun night out!

Well have a good weekend. You should stay in, put your air conditioning on, and jerk off to my porno. And hang out in the BurningAngel chat room – it’s been really fun in there lately.

It was just a suggestion! Take it or leave it.


Joanna Angel

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