Feeling sick :(

posted by Punk Porn Princess on August 25, 2011


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I’m feeling sick. I think I get sick every time I go to Vegas. Boo.

Today I am on set. We are beginning to shoot our new movie called “Jessie Goes To College!” Below are a few photos from set this morning. One of them is of a new girl who is in the movie; we don’t have a name for her yet. I kind of have to think of one quickly. She told me she really likes the Greek mythological character, Medea. I thought of using that name, but people are going to pronounce it Media, and that’s just weird! I’ll keep you posted. She is very sweet and she’s from Texas, like Kleio. Here she is:

And we are also shooting a girl who is not new to porn but is new to us, Larkin Love. This girl has huge huge tits; they might be the biggest tits we ever shot to this date. I’m gonna check on that.

And here’s Jessie Lee straightening her hair.

I don’t have any pictures of myself today cause I’m sick and I look like Purina dog chow. Sorry.

Well you enjoy your day! And don’t forget to come see us at Exxxotica!


Joanna Angel

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