Happy Monday! I’m on a plane!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on September 19, 2011


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Happy Monday everyone. I’m on an airplane. Technology is so wacky, isn’t it? Internet on a plane. What will they think of next!?!

I have a few photos today from my trip to Fresno, CA this weekend. Also known as the “Central Valley” of Califonia. People tend to knock the Central Valley, but whatever…LA has many flaws, and people from LA shouldn’t knock other places in California.

In addition to dancing at Golddiggers, myself and Emily Parker were asked to sign autographs at a festival known as “Blaze Fest”. I originally thought this would be some kind of marijuana festival, but it was in fact a big outdoor concert sponsored by the local radio station, “The Blaze” 105.1. It plays “blazing rock and roll hits!”

At the concert, Tesla, Cheap Trick, Everclear and Candlebox played. It was…interesting. I had no idea Everclear still played shows, nor did I know anyone actually still cared about them (no offense Everclear, but seriously…what have you done since the 90s and what did you do then that was so impressive to still resonate now?).

But as I could see, lots of people in Fresno, still do care about Everclear. So, here is a photo of me and Emily and the dude from Everclear – whose hair is still bleach blond. Him and Guy Fieri are keeping bleached blond hair dye for men in business.

And here’s some other pictures from the fest – and the strip club.

These feature dancing trips are all kinda unique in their own way. I love learning about the strange cultures (or lack there of) in each city.


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