Me As A Cupcake: EAT ME!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on November 1, 2011


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Well, I had the most amazing epic Halloween last night, and the camera all my photos were on, is broken. It looks like there is a bunch of fake blood that got on the camera and I guess my camera is a big pussy so it can’t handle a little bit of fake blood. Lame camera!

In any case, I went to what I think is the most amazing club in the world – called The Box in NYC. It’s kind of a theater, kind of a club – there are these ridiculous shows that go on all night involving anything from aerial performances by beautiful women, to odd burlesque acts involving midgets and trannies, or really over-the-top theatrical shit involving characters from fairy-tales, but they get naked and sometimes penetrate themselves. It’s just a really crazy place. It’s kinda like a XXX-rated Circque de Soliel feeling kinda place.

The theme of the night was “Alice in Wonderland” – and everyone was required to wear an Alice in Wonderland costume. I dressed up as the cupcake that said “Eat me” on it. I wore a pink tutu and a brown bikini top and wrote “eat me” on my stomach. I thought it was pretty adorable, but since I have no photo, you will just have to use your imagination.

Maybe morph this with a photo of me???

Oh well. Halloween is officially over – I feel like I celebrated it all week.

Now, back to real life.


Joanna Angel

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