Crazy NJ weekend!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on November 7, 2011


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What an amazing weekend at Exxxotica! Seriously. I fucking love New Jersey. You can make fun of New Jersey all you want, and talk about fist-pumping and tanning and laundry and whatever – but New Jersey is an awesome place with awesome people…and many of you wonderful people came out and purchased pornography from me this weekend.

Really. I heard the most flattering compliments I have ever heard from people this weekend. It truly touched my heart! It gave me a reason to keep going. People told me things about being an innovator, a hero, the most inspiring Rutgers graduate (and mind you – James Gandolfini went there)  and my favorite remark came from a straight-laced-looking middle-aged couple, who said my movie, “Joanna Angel Loves Orgies”, inspired them to invite their friends over and indulge in an orgy themselves, for the first time!!! Crazy. I had no idea. I also had the pleasure of selling $100 worth of BurningAngel DVDs to someone I went to high school with. I know you might think this is weird and creepy, but as someone who sat alone at lunch every day in high school, this was kind of cool. Maybe it was a nice way of saying “Sorry”. Or maybe it was a nice way of saying “Hey, you may have been a loser – but you were a really hot loser!” … who knows.

The BurningAngel girls were incredible. I took a step back and wanted to cry! We all are unique in our own way, and had an incredible time hanging out with each other after the convention. We got drunk, we danced to terrible music, we made out with each other, and after a bunch of Vodka-Cranberries, we all talked about how much we loved each other. We are like a very odd pornographic sorority full of girls who would have never been in a sororities.

I will have a whole bunch of photos on from the convention on Thursday. However, in the meantime,  I will just leave you one photo – my favorite photo – of a big muscular Jersey man who purchased our wifebeater – that was um… not unisex. It’s a big man in a small girls shirt!!! I love it.

Well anyways, it was a great weekend. Thank you so much to everyone who came out. Weeeeeeeee!


Joanna Angel

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  1. Richard Happel said...

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    Asia Carrera was also a Rutgers grad. Being a Jersey boy, I must know these things.

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