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posted by Punk Porn Princess on November 9, 2011


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I am a trooper!!! It’s November – and I’m in New York City – and I did a photo shoot for Inked Magazine on a rooftop in skimpy clothing – on top of a ledge. I’m a little afraid of heights, and this was kind of frightening. I also am a total pussy when it comes to cold weather, and I sucked it up and got through that as well. I think the photos will be in their February issue, but I’m not really sure.  Here’s ME…doing all of that:

Man. I have been in New York City for a long time now – it’s really been a lot of fun. I’ve been out every night, and working in my office here during the day. So strange. When I’m in Los Angeles, I’m in bed by 11pm and I wake up around 7 am. When I’m out here, I go to bed at 4 in the morning and I struggle to wake up at 10am. It’s a totally different life.

I should get some kind of “bi-coastal” neck tattoo.


Joanna Angel

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