Fleshbot Awards!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on November 14, 2011


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Friday evening was the Fleshbot Awards! And it was a great time. Its a very different awards show than most others in the adult industry. Lots of unique people were there whom you don’t usually see at porn events. That’s what I love about Fleshbot! They always have a unique way of presenting sexuality. My absolute favorite fashion designer of all time – Patricia Field – presented the “Sexiest Fashion Award” to the actor Alan Cumming. This was partially due to his new cologne that just came out; it’s…ummm…self-titled…called “Cumming”.

If you haven’t seen the ad for it, you should watch it. It’s wonderful.

And I won the award for “Crossover Star”. It was presented by Chris Nieratko, who said some incredibly embarrassing things about me in his speech. But we couldn’t expect anything else!

“Crossover Star” means I like, do shit outside of porn. It was mostly due to my appearance in “Children’s Hospital”, which is kind of ironic, because I played a porn star on that show.  So I guess I “crossed over” by playing a porn star in a place that wasn’t porn. I was flattered to have been honored at the event, and it is great to be a porn star and get to do things like be in fashion magazines, and be on Fox News, and mainstream movies and TV shows. And it’s pretty awesome how one thing fuels the other.

Here’s a few photos of me accepting my award and saying my speech (all photos courtesy of JEFF KOGA & FLESHBOT.COM)!

And here are me and Belladonna and Stoya. They did some sexy performances on stage. When Belladonna dances, my whole body shakes. She is incredible.

It was an amazing end to an amazing trip to New York. And now, I’m back in Los Angeles. With a huge pile of mail and a big suitcase full of dirty clothes…blaaaah.


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