New Year’s Eve!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on January 2, 2012


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Hello 2012! Welcome to my very first blog entry of the year. I had a great New Year’s Eve in Brooklyn; Saint Vitus Bar is a total metal bar, where I felt extremely comfortable! I still wore a little party dress, because I always wear dresses on New Year’s, however most people were dressed in cut-up jeans and t-shirts. It was far different from your average party in New York on New Year’s that cost over $100 to get in, with a dress code and what not. I got drunk and danced to Iron Maiden and Journey and stuff… a good way to bring in the new year!

I hope this will be a good year. I am starting to have strange anxiety because I just turned 31 and years are going by so quickly, I feel like in the next 10 minutes I will turn 40…and nothing really bad happens when you’re 40, but it’s just scary when life goes by so quickly.

Yeah. Well, enough with this depressing shit! Here are photos from the New Year’s Eve party – don’t judge my appearance…I was incredibly drunk.

Photos were taken by Igor from Driven By Boredom

To start off the night me, Jessie Lee, Twix, Veronica, and Roggie all hosted the big countdown to 2012 on stage.

Veronica exploded champagne all over the crowd…

I poured some champagne into everyone’s mouth!

And then…everyone showed their boobs. Hooray!

Here’s Annika at the party – showing her boobs!

Here’s Jessie Lee at the party – showing HER boobs!

And here is Kleio at the party – showing HER boobs!


Happy new year!


Joanna Angel

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