Velvet Magazine Shower Shoot!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on January 6, 2012


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Yesterday I did a shoot for the XXX magazine called Velvet Mag! I believe this spread will be out in May, but I’m not entirely sure.

I have been very busy so, I had no time to shower before my photo shoot. When the photographer found out about this, he was extremely disgusted, so he forced me to shower during my photo shoot…with all my lingerie and shoes on. What a jerk!!!  Anyway, here are some PICS from the set (these are some cell phone photos from the shoot. Don’t worry – the actual photos in the magazine were not taken with a cell phone!)…

I was joking about not showering by the way. The photo shoot however was done in the shower, and I got all wet…so did my shoes. It looked pretty damn sexy but quite honestly, I think the concept was a little ridiculous. I would never shower in my shoes! Let alone masturbate, and shower in my shoes. Ahhhh. Porno can be so funny sometimes.

Well tonight I will be celebrating a belated birthday party at Trash, with my good ole pal DJ Jess. This is my last appearance in NYC before I go back to Los Angeles so, you better come out if you have any desire to hang out with me on the east coast at all!


Joanna Angel

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