I’m on the official Show Guide!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on January 18, 2012


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I’m in Vegas! And I’m on the official show guide. I used to always tell people that when I grew up, I wanted to be front-and-center on a show guide for something.

And here I am with the legendary Max Hardcore. He has made the most gnarly extreme porn in the history of porn. He recently got out of jail! Which is awesome …Because no one should be in jail for making porn, no matter how extreme it is.

On a different note, I didn’t know if you knew this, but I am sort of cheating on this blog.  Tehe.  Don’t tell anyone that I’m a cheater!!!  But yeah…I am the GUEST BLOGGER this week on FLESHBOT!  So I write a bunch of blogs on there every day and well…they are different than this blog, and this blog is really my companion, but I am having a little fling with the Fleshbot blog.  But it’s important to read both – they both need to feel loved!  So yeah… XoxoJoannaAngel is my wife…and the Fleshbot blog is my mistress…at least for the week! Get it!?

Well I hope to see you this week in VEGAS, and if not, you have plenty of blog material to feel like you’re here (almost!).


Joanna Angel

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