A few photos from Vegas!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on January 24, 2012


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When the AEE Expo ends, it’s kind of like Christmas is over in porn-land. There is so much preparation, so much hype, and so much shopping – and it goes by quickly and ends before you know it. I will honestly say, this was by far my most fun year at the convention. For so many years, I felt like the odd ball out in porn. I felt like BurningAngel was such a small dot on the big porno map, and constantly felt insecure around all the other companies, with their big glossy booths and stuff. I feel like we have finally made our mark – and everyone accepts us for who we are, and we are where we belong.

Unfortunately, we lost all our AVN Awards . it was the only downside of the weekend. Oh well. It was an honor to be nominated! And there is always next year. At least we have by far the coolest red carpet photo of any other porn company in the industry, and at least I got to wear a rad pink shiny dress.

Brad Fitzgerald (@GeraldSaunders)

I got to do the Expo’s “Ribbon Cutting” ceremony with an over-sized pair of scissors. They sorta looked like they were out of Alice in Wonderland. No one could get pass this ribbon without me cutting it! So it was a good thing I did that.

(more photos at http://www.pbase.com)

And I got to have an awesome Brunch at First Food and Bar – with Chef Sammy D.

Here’s a pic of me and the girls and the Chef:

and more importantly – here is some of the food we ate!! All the girls got their own food on the menu…((more photos from the brunch can be found at Al Mancini’s blog HERE)

Jessie Lee’s Vegetarian Crepes

My very own smoked salmon/ tater tot thing

Kleio’s BBQ Pork Biscut

Krysta’s Buffalo wings


Oh yeah – here was a picture of me and the girls’ luggage on a cart. I found this pretty humorous!!! Do you have any idea how many pairs of shoes, slutty dresses, makeup and porno DVDs are in here? I don’t think you do!!!

I don’t know what else to say. I spent my days in Vegas doing press, or signing autographs at the expo – and my nights getting drunk at the circle bar int he Hard Rock hotel. I didn’t get much sleep.

Now I’m ready and motivated to make some awesome porn for the new year!


Joanna Angel

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