Crazy Horse Strip Club!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on February 11, 2012


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I’ve been having a great time this weekend at the Crazy Horse in San Francisco. I was extremely surprised by how many people have come out! Thank you to all who did.

The best thing about The Crazy Horse is that I am actually able to fuck myself with toys on the stage. I have never been to another strip club where that was allowed. So I fucked myself – in my ass – with a BurningAngel vibrator on the stage while dancing to Motley Crue. I felt like such a whore – but in a good way. It was awesome. A couple who came to watch me offered to buy the dildo right out of my ass for a price that I thought was adequate. It was their Valentine’s Day gift to one another; I was pretty speechless. It’s a good thing I came prepared with lots of extra dildos.

In addition to fans, I also had a great group of friends/fellow BurningAngels who came out to see me. It was incredibly sweet. Here we all are hanging out in my dressing room (or un-dressing room would be a more appropriate title!) . It’s me, Jiz Lee, Arabelle, Mickey Mod (a nice handsome porn guy who has not appeared on BurningAngel yet), Annika and some of their friends.

I look forward to tonight!!! Come and see me at The Crazy Horse!

Joanna Angel

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