My Valentine’s Dates!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on February 15, 2012


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Last night I took Jessie Lee and Veruca James on a date for Valentine’s Day. I mean, two Valentines are better than one! And two girls I have had sex with, are better than any other Valentine in the world…right?

I took them to one of my favorite LA restaurants – it’s called The Boneyard Bistro. It’s an upscale BBQ place, so the food is greasy, and kind of fancy at the same time. Like, they make gourmet buffalo wings and fried chicken and shit. Jessie is a vegetarian, but she was still satisfied. She had a Portobello mushroom burger with a side of fried mac and cheese. I ate a grilled cheese sandwich with BBQ brisket on it and some kind of onion jam – it was ridiculously tasty. I also ate a few of Veruca’s buffalo wings. Porn stars definitely can’t eat like this every night but – we can pig out every once in a while.

Veruca and I shared a very tasty bottle of wine to go along with our greasy food. I would like to say we indulged in wild and crazy sex after dinner, but we just went back to my place and passed out on the couch in about 5 minutes. I am sure we both had sex in our minds, somehow…while we were sleeping.

In any case, it was a fun way to spend a really stupid holiday. I’m glad it’s over.


Joanna Angel

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