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posted by Punk Porn Princess on February 17, 2012


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Last night I danced at the De Ja Vu in Redlands, CA. I’m on a mini De Ja Vu tour; it’s pretty interesting. I’m at a different strip club every night – a little different than my regular stripper routine. The club was a topless-only club, but I managed to find a corner of the club where I could take some pictures with my panties off with some of the strippers. It was incredibly scandalous! I showed my vagina in a non-vagina strip club! Ahhhhh!

Well these were my two favorite strippers at the club – and what is even cooler than them being fun, and panty-less at a panties-are-required establishment, is that they are dating each other. Naughty lesbian strippers!!!

Here they are:

So another interesting thing from last night: when I got picked up from my hotel to go to the club, I was picked up in a vehicle with a big photo of me on the back. I thought to myself, “Man, do they change the photo every time a new feature dancer comes to town? Did they put that photo on just for me? Because that is a whole lot of work and pretty expensive!” I know a little about these car wrap thingies- to have to change it every few weeks is pretty ridiculous. So I asked the driver if my photo was there intentionally or by coincidence – and he said, the car was wrapped like that years ago, and it’s the same photo used on most of the De Ja Vu billboards and stuff…and I was like…duh…that’s me? And we both laughed. I guess I have been the poster child for the San Diego De Ja Vu‘s for years and had no idea. This is a picture from a HUSTLER promo photo shoot I did many years ago, around the time when I directed movies for them. I think HUSTLER does own De Ja Vu, or something. They work together somehow; I am not really sure.

Anyways, so here I am – in my sweatpants, and no makeup on, in front of myself. I am going to get a big marker and sign this car before the end of the weekend; it doesn’t say my name on it or anything, so at least this way people will know it’s me. I am going to write “THIS IS JOANNA ANGEL. NOT JUST A RANDOM CHICK ON DE JA VU ADS”.

Well, hopefully I will see you tonight if you live anywhere near San Diego.

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