I got an iPhone!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on March 26, 2012


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I finally stepped into the modern age and got an iPhone 4s. I feel like the last person on earth to have one.

I did like using the Android, and to be honest, there are just a few things I miss about it (considering that I run my life with Google, and Google and Mac don’t really like each other all that much) but, the camera is so damn good it makes up for anything I miss about the Android. I am now on Instagram, so you can follow me on there (I’m just Joanna Angel on there) and look at all the PG-13 photos I take with old timey looking filters on them. It’s a shame I can’t put dirty photos on there! Oh well.

Here is a photo of my boobs that was too racy for Instagram.

Aside from playing with my new phone, I watched “21 Jump Street” this weekend and really loved it. I was expecting it to be kind of stupid and overrated but, it wasn’t. The humor was good, I laughed out loud, and the story was oddly touching, and kind of exciting. I have a few ideas for porn parodies of particular scenes milling around in my brain. We’ll see if I actually go through with any of them! I kind of want to give Jonah Hill a lap dance. I don’t want to give him a blowjob, or a hand job, or anything like that – just a lap dance. Is that weird? I have never actually wanted to lap dance someone so bad in my life. I’m not sure what it is about him, I just want to dry-hump his brains out in a chair in a back room in a strip club.

I also did my weekly radio show on Moheak – and invited Jessie Lee, Brian Street Team and Lucy Vonne. Lucy sells sex toys (not like on the street in a lemonade stand; she is the salesperson for a big sex toy company), and she runs the blog “SexyTimeBlog.com“. She also used to teach a blowjob instructional class. Yeah – those do exist! Jessie Lee recently got an “I love fellatio” tattoo, so between Jessie’s passion for blowjobs, and Lucy’s knowledge of blowjobs and Brian Street Team‘s love for getting blowjobs and my desire to give better blowjobs, there was a lot of blowjob talk – and Jessie Lee gave a dildo a really awesome sloppy blowjob – and everyone who logged into the Moheak chatroom got to see it. It was fun! I am still working on perfecting the format of the radio show – hopefully I will get it down soon. I think talking about blowjobs more often would certainly help the show. Right?

Well that was my weekend. A movie, a radio show and excessively photographing myself with my phone.


Joanna Angel

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  1. Sunit said...

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    Hey babe really love u…. I would be really lucky if i got a chance to fuck u.. 😉 BTW congrats on ur new iphone4s…….

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