Passover and nipples!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on April 9, 2012


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Well this weekend was Passover; it was a pretty mellow weekend with my family. I did a bunch of Jew stuff. And it definitely looked like the “maror” on the seder plate was incredibly phallic.

Sunday was Easter, and obviously, I had nothing to do. So I went for a walk around where I grew up and went to my old High School. I’m not sure why I did this; I really don’t have any fond memories of high school at all…it just seemed like an appropriate thing to do on Easter.

I went to my old middle school as well, and smoked on school property. Yeah. Take that middle school!

And then I went to Chris Nieratko‘s house in central Jersey and we did our weekly radio show. We are usually on opposite ends of the country but, this time we were right next to each other, in the same basement – totally like Wayne’s World. I put my nipple on his face to celebrate the occasion.

I played King Diamond, Alice Cooper, Slipknot, Gwar and a bunch of other music by bands who dress up like characters when they play. It seemed to go with the spirit of Easter, and Passover, and uh… high school. Yeah.

Well I am back in Brooklyn! For all you creepers who keep Twittering to me and telling me you just saw me on the train – or you just passed me on the street, or saw me buying a falafel, you can now see me intentionally, this Wednesday at SHAG, and get some free booze while you’re at it. So stop being a creeper, and come say hi to me! All the information is HERE.


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