New Girls, and hot sex on set!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on April 23, 2012


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Love on a porn set !

The other day I felt like everyone ha such great chemistry on set . It was
oddly romantic !!

A new burning angel named Zarrah boned Anthony Rosano … Who is not new to porn but new to BurningAngel . They had great chemistry and Zarrah took his cock like a champ in her ass and it was hot ! Zarrah is a real horny girl, and I am really excited for you to all watch her fuck.

It was hard for me to get a photo of them banging- but here they are post bang. Don’t they look cute ?

Joanna Angel Porn

Here are some pictures of Zarrah taken by Melissa Makeup! She likes having fun with her Iphone after she does girls makeup on set. She kinda looks like a tatted up Sasha Grey– doesn’t she?

Then we shot a lesbian scene with Kimberly Kane and a new BurningAngel girl named Vulpix. I know. It’s a very unique name- but I like it! They shared some very intense lezbo sex. I managed to catch this photo in the beginning of the scene- don’t they look cute?

Kimberly Kane porn shoot

And here are Melissa Makeup’s photos of them!

Here is Kimberly

And here is Vulpix

Annnd here is another photo of Effie– who also shot a scene for with Danny Wylde– in addition to that wet wifebeater scene I posted about the other day.

Her and Danny had sex on a piano! I actually had sex on this piano as well earlier on in the day – I don’t have photos of it… but it was pretty hilarious. I definitely made some pretty terrible sounding music while getting pounded in the ass! You will see it eventually.

Annd we also shot a new scene with Annika Amour and John Strong, also for She played a young angry goth chick, which is fortunately not too far off from Annika’s actual personality. She looked hot in her black lipstick!

(this is what happens when you get sent to the principals office and you go to the BurningAngel school.)

It was a whole lot of new and hot porn. I like pairing people up who don’t know each other at all- and watching them have hot sex. It’s pretty exciting!

Hope these photos brightened up your Monday a little bit!


Joanna Angel

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