Pictures of me me me me me me me.

posted by Punk Porn Princess on April 24, 2012


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Here are a few photos of me from set! It’s always hard to get photos of me cuz I am always running around doing a million things but – Melissa Makeup pushed me in a corner and managed to get a few.

Here I am in a rockabilly hair-do. I did a photo set like this in an awesome old car – the same car that Zarrah and Anthony had sex in. The car was so cool looking, I did not want to return it without doing something naked in it – so…yeah.

And here is a photo of me having sex with Marc Wood on a piano, in my principal’s outfit – with my pretty makeup smeared all over my face. When you makeup runs, you know you had hot sex in porn-land, because it takes some serious effort to smear Melissa’s makeup. It’s like, many layers deep. Marc was able to fight my makeup off with his cock like a champ. The only other time I ever fucked Marc Wood was in my Hanukkah Gangbang, and I thought he did a great job and deserved to fuck my pussy without seven other men there. He was a great fuck! The scene was intense, and he was rough but like…not TOO rough – he was respectful and not degrading. Before the scene, he told me he was really nervous to fuck the “boss” and when men get really nervous in porn…you know what happens? Their penises don’t get hard. And then you know what happens? You have a whole room full of people sitting around anxiously while a man jerks off furiously in the corner, and it’s just awful. I did not want this to happen! So I told him to just forget about all the respect he had for me, and to just treat me like any other whore. I said “When that camera goes on, I’m not your boss. I’m your bitch – alright?” and we both laughed.

The scene was great, and there was certainly a hard cock inside me the whole time. I will certainly work with him again in the future!


Joanna Angel

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  1. Matthew Klapmeyer said...

    Cincopa video hosting solution for your website. Another great product from Cincopa Send Files.

    Love the articles keep them comming. Don’t take offence but, your SMOKIN HOT !!!

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