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posted by Punk Porn Princess on May 1, 2012


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I am not one to do movie reviews all that often but, last night I watched The Debt. It was a movie about a bunch of Israeli spies, who lied about shit. Coming from an Israeli family and growing up around cousins and shit in the Israeli military – along with the fact that the movie has a really good trailer (below) –  I thought this movie would be interesting. Seeee!?!

Unfortunately though, it sucked. There were not nearly as many fight scenes as I thought there would be, and most of the movie was about a really lame love story and not about cool spy shit. I don’t know. I was pretty excited to watch a movie about a Jewish chick that kicked ass – that doesn’t happen so often…and while she kicked some ass in the movie, she was pretty annoying 80% of the time, and did not kick nearly as much ass as I wanted her to. Then, at the end, there was a fight scene with two elderly people and it made me incredibly uncomfortable. It sucked. Who the hell wants to watch two 80-year-old’s fight each other?

Anyways, I was really disappointed. People make fun of Jews enough; now we have a whole shitty movie for people to point and laugh at.

So that’s my thought on that movie, in case anyone was wondering.

And here is a Jewish chick who doesn’t kick ass, but puts things in it.

That’s me…get it!?


Joanna Angel

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