Happy Monday everyone.

posted by Punk Porn Princess on May 14, 2012


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Or maybe it is not so happy.

I woke up to a very mean message from Instagram saying that this wonderful picture of my butt has been “flagged.” Then there was a warning about me posting inappropriate photos, and that if it continues to happen, my account will be suspended. Grr. My ass was extremely insulted. It wasn’t very nice. Fuck you Zuckerberg; this is all your fault. There was no flagging of booty photos before you bought Instagram! What is the point of having a photo social networking site if you can’t post pictures of your butt!?


Well anyways, here is the flagged butt photo. It can live safely on my blog without any harassment!

Aside from that happening, I had a fun weekend. Yesterday, I hosted a special Mother’s Day Episode of the weekly BurningAngel radio show on Moheak.com. My friend Josie Jacobs came along, and so did BurningAngel girls Phoenix Askani and Arabelle – and Jessie Lee even Skyped in for a little while. My co-host Chris Nieratko was with us for about half the show. He claimed that he was late because he was giving his wife/mother of his children sex as a Mother’s Day gift. I mean, I love giving and getting sex for gifts but personally, I thought he should have gone out and bought something tangible to go along with it. But that’s just me. Chris has his own way of thinking!

I played all songs that were about moms in some way or another. Like “Mother” by Danzig, “I Like your Mom” by Bouncing Souls,  “Mama Kin” by Guns and Roses, and a few others.

After the show, I did something mom-like for everyone and had a nice dinner at my place for everyone to enjoy. I served chicken and salad, and whipped up some on-the-fly appetizer that involved tortillas and some pesto spread I got at Trader Joe’s.

I didn’t really plan out this dinner, it kinda just happened. I realized when the girls came over that I actually have an extremely small collection of plates and forks – some of which were being used as part of my cooking . I don’t really have a dinner party kitchen collection. You know what I mean – I don’t have a whole cabinet full of serving spoons and serving trays and all that kind of shit. I guess I don’t really have dinner parties often, or ever actually. I panicked! What kind of terrible den mother am I!

While the chicken was in the oven, I ran over to 7-11 and bought some plastic plates – and the fuckers were out of plastic forks! So then I went over to Subway that was next door to 7-11, and took a whole bunch of forks. I looked very classy. I tried to offer the girl working there a few dollars but she told me to just take the forks and not to worry about it. I think she felt bad.

Anyways, between the few pieces of silverware that I had, along with the help of Subway and 7-11 everything worked out just fine. We all laughed and appreciated the fact that this dinner was half classy, and half punk rock. Totally appropriate for a BurningAngel Mother’s Day dinner! Right?


Joanna Angel

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  1. Eric said...

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    There’s an entire tumblr dedicated to butts of instagram, maybe your ass was just singled out because it is famous?

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