Pics from Jessie Lee’s Girls’ Night Out!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on May 30, 2012


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Here’s a bunch of photos from all the lovely BurningAngel porn that was shot over the weekend.

Here’s photos of the stars of “Jessie Lee’s Girls’ Night Out” – taken by Melissa Makeup‘s iPhone!

Jessie Lee, Mabel, Juliette Black, Twix and Krissie Dee!

The movie is about an adventurous girls’ night out. Obviously, there is a scene in a club where Juliette fucks the security guards (I mean that happens every time you go out – right?) =)

And then another stop on the adventure involved a male strip club, where Tommy Pistol worked at. He happened to be known for his clown act at the strip club.

His makeup was loosely inspired by Rob Corddry in Children’s Hospital.

Unfortunately (or fortunately?), the stripper clown act was unappreciated by everyone at the strip club so Tommy had to fuck the manager of the club (Twix) in lieu of paying his house fee.

This involved some face paint on her butt!

It was by far the most hilarious bit I have shot to date! I can’t wait for you all to see it.

Then, outside of the girls’ night out movie, a scene was shot for Punk School Girls – where Mabel snuck into the teachers’ lounge and fucked not one, BUT TWO teachers. One was the sexy Andy San Dimas.

And the other – also sexy in his own way – was Anthony Rosano. The three of them fucked like animals in the lounge! It was really hot.

So much porn was shot, and I still had some time to goof around with Melissa.

And that’s a wrap!!


Joanna Angel

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