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posted by Punk Porn Princess on June 7, 2012


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Last night I was the co-host on DJ Rossstar’s ( Internet radio show.

I honestly thought I was supposed to be a guest on the show? But it turned out I was the co-host. I had no idea but, DJ Rossstar started doing this live webcast thing consistently for the past 10 years. He does it from his apartment, and I really admire all the energy he puts into it. He has over 30-thousand viewers, which is a hell of a lot for a radio host who isn’t on syndicated radio. The reach that he has gets him some really big bands on his show in the past, like Fall Out Boy, Katy Perry, My Chemical Romance, etc. I mean, bands of that size don’t usually show up for press at someone’s apartment! So yeah, he has got some kind of odd cred in the music scene. He is also from the East coast – like me – so I felt like we could relate to one another. We were two Jews who started something on the Internet, on the East coast, 10 years ago.

In any case, the band who was on the show was a um…interesting band called “Acidic” (!/acidicband) . They just ended a tour with Candlebox, and I had no idea they were still a band. When I tweeted something along those lines – Brian Street Team reminded me that we had seen them play (in the sense that they were playing, while I was there) when I did a signing at “Blaze Fest” last summer. I got them confused with Everclear – who also played Blaze Fest – who also was another band from the 90s that I had no idea was still around. Acidic mentioned on the air that their next tour was with another 90s one-hit-wonder band, but I don’t remember who. It was interesting!

The singer/frontman (Mike) was incredibly drunk, and that made the experience pretty funny. I spent most of the show picking on him, which at first, he embraced – but then an emotional drunk came over, and he got kind of upset. He should toughen up! If you’re going to be wasted on the radio – the host is going to pick on you! The whole interaction was hilarious. I started to feel like I was on an odd episode of “Punk’d“.

But I will give Mike credit – when it came time for him to play a song live on the air, he sang his heart out, and strummed his guitar flawlessly. I was expecting (and partially hoping) for it to be a train wreck, but it wasn’t. The music they play isn’t exactly my kind of music, but he was obviously very passionate but what he did, and I admired that.

I talked about the release of my new movie: Joanna Angel: Filthy Whore, and Mike really liked the title. I made him promise on the air that their next record will be called “Mike of Acidic: Filthy Whore” and he told me he would. I’m gonna hold him to that!

All in all, I had a great time. I’ll definitely be going back there.

Here is a picture of everyone – to my left is DJ Rossstar and his hot girlfriend, who I think hosts the show with him sometimes. To my right is the band. Mike is the one trying to eat his guitar.

Here is me and a microphone that strongly resembles Manuel Ferrara’s penis.

And here is  a picture I snuck in while Mike poured his heart out in his acoustic set.


Joanna Angel

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