Coffee Core!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on June 12, 2012


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Last night me and Jessie Lee got matching coffee tattoos. So to celebrate, I have been drinking coffee all day. I actually drink coffee for most of the day every day…it’s probably not very healthy. But what can I do. I like coffee! It was also a good way to celebrate the future release of our upcoming movie – Baristas! It will be out next month. It was also just a fun spur of the moment idea.

I got mine on my back:

She got hers on her side:

Some people think tattoos need a big deep meaning behind them. If drinking coffee every day is deep and meaningful, then so be it. If you like coffee as much as Jessie and I do, then feel free to join our coffee tattoo club and get one yourself.

Coffee lovers unite!!!!


Joanna Angel

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