Crazy weekend!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on June 18, 2012


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What a crazy weekend. I am pretty out of it today! I certainly packed a lot in in my 48-hour adventure. Thanks to everyone who came out!

The signing at Deja Vu was really fun. The store ordered a really fancy cake with barbie dolls of me and Belladonna on them! The cake looked like a drum, because Phil Varone – who was also at the signing, was a drummer for Skid Row (for a few years) and Saigon Kick. The top of the cake had two vibrators, that looked like drum sticks which are actually vibrators from from Phil Varone’s Toy line.

Jessie Lee came along for the trip! Me and her and Belladonna had some fun in the dressing room at the strip club.

My feature dance routine is pretty high energy and I play a lot of metal. Sometimes I like to describe myself as a naked crack-head on stage. Belladonna on the other hand, dances really slowly, to lots of electronic music. So I thought the two of us were a good pair – we both put on very different shows. After Belladonna performed, she and I made out on the stage for a song together, and it was great. I was really upset when the song ended. It was some great making out! And unfortunately, it’s been a little while for me since I have made out with anyone…so I guess I needed this.

On Sunday, I spent the day with Jessie Lee and another porn star – Teagen. She lives in Vegas so we spent our Sunday drinking lots of mixed drink at Encore Beach Club. It’s basically a pool party that goes on every Sunday in Vegas. I drank and danced all day, and got extremely dehydrated. It was an appropriate way to spend a Sunday in Vegas.

So now I am basically detoxing.

Thanks to everyone who came out. It was a fun weekend!


Joanna Angel

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