Happy 5th of July!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on July 5, 2012


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Yesterday there was an unofficial BurningAngel July 4th party. Our photographer, Kelly Lind, hosted a party at his studio. There was lots of food, beer, fireworks, and boobs! Like a good old fashioned American holiday. I dressed kinda like a redneck.

Here is a picture of my butt, in my cowboy boots. It looks slightly different than how my ass looks in heels!

Anyways, an entire pig was roasted. It was extremely un-Kosher, and un-Vegan. I had never seen a whole pig in person like this. It reminded me of something you would see on “BBQ Pitmasters”, or some kind of food network show.

A lot of BurningAngel girls were there, from so many different generations of Angels – haha.

Here is me and Dana Dearmond, an OG Angel.

We kissed underneath the fireworks. It was pretty romantic.

I got a photo of me and everyone’s boobs!

Me and Sparky (who – by the way – looks SO HOT with a shaved head right?):

Here is me and Indigo:

Me and Annika:

Me and Veruca:

Here is Aiden Starr and Dana Dearmond doing some kind of patriotic boob pyramid:

And Veruca and Wolf Hudson (he wanted in on the boob fest):

It was a very nice evening. We watched a ton of fireworks on the rooftop; the same roof you have seen lots of people have sex on. You would recognize it if you saw it. At one point, a firework hit a palm tree in the distance, and the entire tree went on fire. We all sat and watched it…and did absolutely nothing to stop it. I think that’s pretty American, isn’t it? I hope no one really got hurt. It was kinda cool to watch a tree on fire in the midst of fireworks.

Well, that was that. Hope you all had a good holiday as well.


Joanna Angel

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