Exxxotica is next weekend!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on July 6, 2012


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As this flier states, next weekend is CHICAGO EXXXOTICA and there will be a BurningAngel booth there! Signing at this booth – and featured as little pepperoni slices on this deep dish pizza, clockwise from ME – are….KLEIO, SIDNEY SCARLET, PAIGE, RIZZO, PHOENIX ASKANI and FELIX!  And of course, I will be there too! =)

So come to CHICAGO next weekend and give us a hug in the windy city. For more INFO on where it is, when we’re signing and how to buy tickets, click HERE!!!

P.S. Lots of people were offended by my Butt Flag picture on the 4th. I’m sorry – I didn’t mean to offend anyone and it wasn’t even modeled after a real American flag (there weren’t even 50 butts in place of 50 stars – only, like, 38!!!). On that note, I really hope that this image does not offend anyone. I love all pizza equally and would fight violently to defend the honor of deep dish pizza!  This was in no way an attempt to desecrate Chicago’s deep dish pizza. Thank you.


Joanna Angel

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