Vote for me; I am a wonderful dancer! =)

posted by Punk Porn Princess on July 18, 2012


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I need everyone’s help!

I am up for AN AWARD for being…well…for being an awesome EXOTIC DANCER! Haha.  Basically, it means I put on a great FEATURE DANCING show and you should all come and see me when I am in your neighborhood!  BUT it also means that I need you to VOTE FOR ME if I want to WIN (and I want to win…I do).

So please go to THE LINK below and VOTE FOR ME! There are only 2 days left, so hurry!

Vote for ME for Adult Movie Entertainer of the Year!

And give it up for the clubs who booked me this year!  Vote for LA BOHEME in Denver, CO for Overall Club Of The Year AND CRAZY HORSE in San Francisco for Feature Club Of The Year!!!

Woohoo! Yay for dancing!


Joanna Angel

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