One Of My Favorite 90’s Tv Shows, Beverly Hills 90210

posted by Punk Porn Princess on August 10, 2012


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Like most of you, 90210 was one of my favorite TV shows!  Who didn’t wish they went to West Beverly High and had a part time job at the Peach Pit instead of AppleBee’s!  Also, Dylan Mckay did it for me way more than Brandon Walsh. Jeeez, Brenda really messed that one up. You know, I give Dylan credit for shaping my taste in men, for better or worse. I do not give him credit for shaping my career. I never would have left the show for two seasons!


Today, I’m going to highlight an issue that doesn’t have to do so much with the 90210 TV show, but the DVD box sets that were  released posthumously, specifically, Season 1. Apparently, Donna Martin’s dad, Aaron Spelling, forgot to get the rights for the highly memorable music selections through out the show! Way to go, Aaron. They decided to replace it with like, a pop punk soundtrack. As much as I like Travis Barker I do not want to hear Blink 182 during the infamous SLEEPOVER scene where the girls sing  Mony Mony! (and that bitch Amanda comes over and ruins innocent slumber party fun).  Do you understand how awkward that was!

Dvd in question:


Okay, enough about that!

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