Another Day, Another Dog

posted by Punk Porn Princess on August 27, 2012


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Hey Everyone!

So, I am kind of becoming a bit of a crazy dog person. I never had a dog growing up and now I am learning a lot about dogs and their behavior and it’s quite interesting! I love having one! I was really nervous considering my busy schedule, but, with the help of some friends and picking the right breed of dog, I made it work perfectly.

In any case, I mentioned a few months back Jessie and I got a dog together. We had split custody over the dog. When I would feature dance, Jessie would watch the dog and vice versa. At first, I was a bit nervous to be solely responsible for our dog, Pixie, but It ended  up working out just fine! Now Jessie and I are both home for a while and we decided it makes sense for our dog to only have one home, not two. So, yeah, to make a long story short, I gave Pixie to Jessie. I was so sad! I had a lot of fun hanging out with her this summer… but it was for the best.  Jessie will take great care of her.

As you probably could of guessed,  I have a new dog! I got one this weekend. She is a rescue (if you are in Los Angeles and you are looking for a dog I would recommend going to Bark N Bitches , the staff is incredibly knowledgeable and there are so many beautiful dogs that need homes )

I am not sure who the hell would get rid of this dog, because she is pretty perfect. She is basically a teddy bear that walks. She is the most chill and well behaved dog I have ever encountered. She just wants to take naps and eat treats, it almost makes my job as a dog owner a little too easy. I’m pretty stoked for her and Pixie to have doggy play-dates.

Anyways, her name is Ramona!  Here she is

My dog

She kinda looks like a Ramona- right?


Here I am with my baby!

Joanna Angel and Ramona

My homie with Ramona! Look how she sticks her tongue out! So cute.

My girl with my dog

Give her a nice warm welcome, I’ll probably be posting adorable/annoying pictures of her fairly often. =)


Joanna Angel

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