Bagels or Dog Burittos?

posted by Punk Porn Princess on August 31, 2012


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Er… I am in post Vegas mode and my brain is kind of fried. I need a vacation from my vacation!

So, I don’t have that much to say,  but here is a picture of me with like 10 thousand strippers at the Exotic Dancer Expo!  I don’t even know everyone’s name. You can just guess!


Here I am eating a bagel

Joanna Angel eating a bagel

And here is my dog turned into a burrito with a towel. Did you know this is a new trend for owners of insanely cute dogs like Ramona? I swear. #dogburrito is a popular hashtag on Instagram. Dog owners wrap their dog up in all sorts of blankets, jackets and shit then take photos of it. It’s pretty rad!

Ramona the dog

Well, have a happy labor day weekend! Feel free to message me on Twitter (@joannaangel) or Instagram and show me your own #dogburrito if you have a dog.


Joanna Angel

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