New York!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on September 17, 2012


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I had an eventful time in New York! I did a whole lot in a few days.

I was on the Jason Ellis show, who happened to be broadcasting from New York . It was a strange coincidence! What made the day even MORE interesting was, Lance Bass of NSync’s first radio show was debuting on Sirius. In honor of the show there was a big party at the Sirius building with lots of free beer and mac and cheese. I brought a bunch of mac and cheese for the Ellis show staff and everyone really dug it. Then, there was a contest for a chance to meet Lance Bass, so when I got to the Sirius building there were lots of complications. You see, everyone who entered the contest was female and since I’m female and arrived to Sirius the same time as the other contest applicants arrived, I had to explain to security I was not there to meet Lance Bass! They didn’t believe me so it took forever! It was all pretty funny !

If you have a subscription to listen to Sirius and missed listening to me on the Ellis show, well, use the “on demand” feature on the website and listen to the episode from last Thursday (Sept 13).

I was kinda tipsy on Bass’s free booze and It made for good radio!  I gave some humorous sex advice and demonstrated it all on Rawdog. I tried to teach him to be more dominant in bed, which is kind of ironic since I am pretty submissive when it comes to sex but…. I guess I just acted out all the things I like done on me. There was a whole lot of aggressive dry humping going on and it was pretty silly!

Then I stopped by Liquid Metal with Jose

Later that day I met my old friend DJ Jess for dinner. We have been doing events in New York together for almost 10 years now and it’s always good to see him.

Currently, I’m at my mother’s house being Jewish and tomorrow I return to Los Angeles. Yeah- crazy life!


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