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Here’s more behind the scenes photos from our shoots last week!

Here is Zarrah before she shot her scene. You can thank American Apparel for her outfit! They sure do make good clothing to shoot porn in.

And here is Tommy Pistol and Miss Genocide. Miss Genocide was really excited to work with Tommy! She has had a major porno crush on him for so many years.

Miss Genocide said she wanted the ultimate Tommy Pistol experience when she shot with him- and if you know anything about Tommy, then you know this means an over abundance of slapstick silliness only he could pull off. I unleashed the insanity with a plot that had Tommy play an art teacher who rewarded the student with the highest grade in the class with a private performance art show. I left Tommy‘s performance up to him, so he used all the leftovers from the shoot at the craft services table as part of his “art”. He put cream cheese all over his body and taped slices of bread to himself.  He also taped slices of ham to his feet, and thus called his performance “Ham Feet.”

(unfortunately by the time I took this photo the ham had fallen off. sorry)

When the scene is released, I am determined to make #hamfeet a trending topic on twitter. It’s a trend that must catch on, and inspire artists across the world.

Sometimes we just have a little too much fun on set. If ham-feet is gonna ruin your boner, well… then I don’t want your boner anyways!


Joanna Angel

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