Hunting Wabbits

posted by Punk Porn Princess on October 1, 2012


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Happy Monday everyone!

I shot some interesting content over the weekend. I decided to do something different.  I dressed up like a bunny. It had nothing to do with Halloween or anything, I just wanted to dress up like a bunny because I thought it would be cute and kinky. I had this buttplug from Crystal Delights that looked like a bunny tail, so I incorporated it into my bunny outfit, along with some weird makeup inspired by a whole bunch of face paintings at various birthday parties I found on google images.

Just wait till you see the scene I shot with the bunny costume on! I had Wolf Hudson dress up like Elmer Fudd, and he “hunted wabbits“,  when he caught me I gave him a big awesome blowjob. It was pretty hilarious and I am quite curious to see how it all edits together!

I also got to fuck Zarrah! She had been staying at my place all week and it was about time we fucked.

She has a blanket she travels with that I really like because it’s black and pink and leopard print and shit, and she left it here for me because she knew how much I wanted it. She left a real funny note on it and it made me smile.


Joanna Angel

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