Old Grumpy Italian Men make the world go round

posted by Punk Porn Princess on October 17, 2012


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Yesterday I basically disappeared into a hole. I came out of the hole around 8 pm and then watched the debates. I probably should have just stayed in the hole. Those debates gave me anxiety! I am deathly afraid of Mitt Romney. If you didn’t watch them, you should probably catch up on the highlights . It’s important to truly understand what a cluster-fuck this country is in right now, and it’s also important to understand jokes that will be on Saturday Night Live and The Daily Show , and most likely in a pornographic scene on my website in the near future.

In any case, before I crawled into a sick hole I was fortunate enough to have eaten at Peter Luger’s Steakhouse in Brooklyn, NY. It’s a world renown steakhouse, and I don’t even really like steak that much but, the steak there doesn’t even taste like steak. It tastes like some kind of euphoric drug. There might actually be ecstasy inside of the steak.Maybe that’s why I got sick the next day? I was just actually “coming down” or whatever you call the day after you take ecstasy and don’t feel good.

Aside from the taste, I really do appreciate that restaurant because it feels so old fashioned, and there is no bullshit. The entire menu is just steak, potatoes, and 2 vegetable sides. No weird seared duck fat flavored something or other- no overpriced dishes that are the size of a thumbtack, and nothing you can’t pronounce on the menu. And all the waiters are old grumpy Italian men. I told the waiter I lived in Los Angeles, and he proceeded to tell me how much he hated Los Angeles- and how stupid all the beaches were there, and how fake all the people were, and how much he hates how everyone asks how you are doing in LA even if they don’t give a shit about you. It was pure comedy to hear him talk about it in his thick Italian accent. Before he stormed off in a rage, I managed to get a photo with him.

Luger’s is not the kind of restaurant you can go to every day, but it’s a nice treat once a year. It’s something everyone who isn’t a vegetarian should experience at least once in their lifetime.

Well tonight I am a guest on UCB Theater’s show 7 second Delay! I am really excited. Tune in and listen on WFMU 91.1FM, Jersey City, NJ & 90.1FM, Mount Hope, NY.


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