Having fun with Jessie Lee 30 minutes outside of Hollywood

posted by Punk Porn Princess on October 22, 2012


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Happy Monday everyone!

I would like to apologize for slacking on my blog. Life got kinda wacky and I disappeared for a few days. I’M SORRY. I know. I’m not really giving a good excuse. I’m going to blame Mitt Romney, because I blame him for anything going wrong at the moment. Is that OK?

Well I am back in Los Angeles- and this past weekend Jessie Lee and I hosted an event at Club Crimson. It’s a club  that is inside of Hollywood Sports– which ironically is not in Hollywood. It’s knda like, how Manhattan Bagel is down the street from me in Los Angeles – or I pass a Hollywood Tans when I go to my moms house in New Jersey. There is a “Hollywood Sports” about 30 minutes outside of Hollywood. So don’t get confused like I did and look for a Club Crimson in Hollywood!

The club is actually quite beautiful. It was hard for me to get good photos from the inside because it was so dark, but it really looks like a Gothic palace. There are a bunch of props in there left over from The Haunted (I think- or it was a different horror movie- there were definitely props in there from some big horror movie) but it’s really very pretty. Century Media Records is doing a bunch of events there, so if you like going places that are not in Hollywood but have the name Hollywood in it, that are at cool creepy looking places you should totally go. Anyways, here is me and Jessie Lee! Creeeeeeeeeepy

As me and Jessie walked through Hollywood Sports lots of zombies came out and chased us. I was really scared! Jessie kept laughing at me because she was totally not phased at all. Every time a zombie jumped out at me, I kept telling myself I wouldn’t be scared the next time, but I was scared every time.

This little one was my favorite. it latched onto Jessie’s leg and didn’t leave us alone.

Anyways- that was that! It was a fun thing to do in October. I am now totally ready to celebrate Halloween for the rest of the month.


Joanna Angel

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  1. Melissa said...

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    Hi Joanna!
    I am currently getting my doctorate in clinical psychology and I am writing a paper on the adult film industry. I know you are busy, but I am hoping you can answer a couple questions for my paper.

    What are the stereotypes/ prejudices/ discrimination that you have encountered as a porn star?

    How did you first become aware of the stereotypes/ prejudices/ discrimination that go along with your profession?

    How have stereotypes/ prejudices/ discrimination affected you?

    Are the stereotypes/ prejudices/ discrimination true?

    Do you have any suggestions on how to decrease any stereotypes against porn stars?


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